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Self Directed IRA

Are you thinking about setting up a Self Directed IRA? Now is the time. Simply follow the three steps in the instructions on this link.

Rollover Gold IRA

Should you rollover or transfer your Retirement Plan? Follow these easy instructions on setting up a Rollover Gold IRA today.

Investing in Gold

Ponder this for a moment…every single paper currency eventually fails…every one. Find out why investing in gold is a good idea by clicking this link.

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Latest Gold IRA News

What is a Self Directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is an Individual Retirement Account, arranged by certain financial institutions within the United States that have been granted permission to give you alternative investments for your retirement savings.

self directed IRA

Selecting the Right Self Directed IRA Custodian

You probably already know this, which is why you are here; your Traditional or Roth IRA, 401K or other retirement savings are not safe. Besides a stock market collapse, larger forces are at work against you such as inflation, dollar devaluation and even government confiscation.

In order to diversify and protect your retirement funds you must act swiftly and set up a Self Directed Roth IRA.

With this account you will be permitted to:

  • Purchase and Hold Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals
  • Purchase, Invest In and Hold Real Estate
  • Increase Your Retirement Savings Tax Free
  • Move Retirement Savings Into Offshore Investments
  • Diversify and Protect Your Retirement Savings From the US Government
  • Setup a Self Directed IRA LLC Operating Agreement

Setting up a Gold IRA. There is a specific type of self-directed IRA which allows you to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals.

Top 10 Self Directed IRA Services for 2016

We have assembled a list of the best self directed IRA companies in the marketplace today.

The criterion were based off of 3 aspects:

  1. Fees
  2. Customer Service
  3. Reputation
1Regal AssetsA1st year waived, flat fees$10,0005/5
2Advantage GoldA-Flat Fees$5,0004.5/5
3The Entrust GroupAScaled FeesNone3.5/5
4Goldstar Trust ReviewN/AScaled FeesNone3/5
5Provident Trust GroupA$395None3/5
6Self Directed IRA ServicesAScaled FeesNone3/5
7Equity TrustAScaled FeesNone3/5
8Mountain West IRAAScaled FeesNone2.5/5
9Sunwest TrustA$225None2.5/5
10Broad FinancialAN/AN/A2.5/5

Our Recommendation

Based on our research and personal experience we recommend for self-directed IRAs.

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Recommendation due to the following:

  • Flat Fee Pricing
  • Brinks is Their Precious Metals Depository
  • A Rating w/ Better Business Bureau
  • 5 Star Rating w/ Trustlink
  • AAA Rating w/ Business Consumer Alliance

We highly recommend that you take a look at to protect and grow your retirement savings. Take a Look Now!

Reviews of the Best Rollover Gold IRA Companies

You are doing your research to find the best gold IRA rollover company and we are here to help. We have the 8 top rated gold IRA companies.

Factors We Use to Rate Each Company:

  • Reputation
  • Customer Service
  • Fees and Policies
  • Storage Safety
  • History and Flexibility

Top 8 Gold IRA Companies for 2016

After 6 months of widespread investigation, we have assembled a list of the best gold IRA companies, services & custodians along with reviews and recommendations.

1 RegalAssets.comA1st year waived$10,000 YES
2 Advantage GoldAFlat Fees$5,000 YES
3 Noble GolfA-1st year waived$5,000 YES
4 JM BullionA-$190$100 X
5 Rosland CapitalABased on amountN/A X
6 Capital Gold GroupA$75N/A X
7 Birch GoldA$160N/A X
8 APMEXABased on amount$5,000 X


#1. – Overall Best Company

Gold IRA Rollover

Setup Fees: 1st year waived, Flat Fee each year after
BBB Rating: A , 0 Complaints in 12 years!
Trustlink Rating: 5 stars (over 977 reviews)
Featured in: Forbes, Inc 500 List, SmartMoney
Storage Safety: Brinks Depository
Customer Service: 100% Customer Satisfaction
Years in Business: 12
Delivery of Metals: Within Seven Business Days
Buyback Policy: Absolutely! (Tops in the industry)

Company Review: provides their clients with security, safety, and protection of their retirement investments. They use Brinks depository, which is widely known and respected as the safest in the world. They have obtaind 1,000′s of shining reviews from previous and current contented customers on Business Consumer Alliance, as well as their website Their company reputation is first-class.

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Precious Metals IRA Reviews

Precious metal IRA rollover companies are not created alike. You are thinking about rolling over your 401(k) or IRA to a self directed account that may purchase and hold precious metals, silver or gold in an IRA.

Your Best Decision Today (Request Your Free Gold Kit)

A gold backed IRA may be in your future. Click here or the image below to begin your path to future IRA Gold investments.

Gold IRA Rollover

Gold vs. Inflation

It’s not much of a secret that inflation is getting out of hand. Governments are lying to you as they flood the economy with more and more fiat currencies.

The plain fact is, there is now only one iron-clad way to defend yourself against inflation and that is by investing in gold.

As inflation inches up, your cost of the retirement lifestyle you always dreamed of will continue to go higher and higher.

gold IRA rollover

The unfortunate reality is that all paper-based financial instruments, such as cash, bonds, stocks or mutual funds will feel the dire effects of inflation. Consequently, none of these alternatives are secure.

If you have any investments in stocks or mutual funds, you may be cleaned out overnight, as many hard-working investors were back in 2008. If those investors had hedged all or part of their retirement in Gold, they would have been okay.

If you currently possess bonds or treasury notes, these fixed price assets become much less valuable as inflation increases faster than the returns on these assets. Choosing one of the top gold investment companies to assist you is key.

All of these reasons point to your purchasing power decreasing. Gold has the polar opposite effect.

Example Gold Investment Growth Since 2004:

gold investment

The SAFEST Investment In Unsure Times Is Gold IRA Investing…

  • Gold has real inherent value.
  • Gold has real-world applications, such as being used in most electronic devices, including computers, cell phones and GPS devices.
  • Gold is used widely in aerospace, explicitly by NASA and SpaceX
  • Gold is a preserve against reckless governments.
  • Gold cannot be created.
  • Gold works.

investing in gold

India and China are purchasing gold as fast as they can. They used 52% of the Earth’s gold in 2013. In 2014, in spite of a 26 percent increase in price, the boost in demand from India and China drove a 7.6 percent increase in demand for gold jewelry.

gold investment

In addition, a new email was leaked by WikiLeaks, which disclosed the true reason behind China’s increasing demand. In it, it explained that China’s real objective is to make large and continual gold purchases for the lone intention of weakening the U.S. dollar.

“The U.S. and Europe have always suppressed the rising price of gold. They intend to weaken gold’s function as an international reserve currency.They don’t want to see other countries turning to gold reserves instead of the U.S. dollar or Euro. Therefore, suppressing the price of gold is very beneficial for the U.S. in maintaining the U.S. dollar’s role as the international reserve currency. China’s increased gold reserves will thus act as a model and lead other countries towards reserving more gold.”

– Leaked Wikileaks Cable

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