Selecting the right gold IRA company to work with.

You certainly have a myriad of options. A simple Google search and you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of brokers who are ready to take your cash and give you a stack of gold for it.

But not so fast…

Do you know the details that separate the top self directed IRA companies from the scammy gold brokers that will probably be out of business this time next year?

No? Well, then the next few sentences are going to help you make the best decision for you, your family, and ultimately your retirement account.

Here are a few things to look for in a winning gold IRA company:

1. Track record. How long have they been in business, and what is their reputation? What are customers saying about them? We have over 800 verified client testimonials and they keep growing by the day.

2. A lot of rollover gold IRA companies take their name off of the account once the transaction is complete (sounds crazy, but it happens). Do the gold IRA companies you’re considering continue to work with you even after the transaction is complete? We have never removed ourselves from a clients account once the transaction is complete because we understand that is when the relationship begins.  

3. What about segregated storage? Do other IRA companies you are talking with offer secure, segregated storage, yet at the same time give you the ability to have your gold in just 3-5 days if a financial meltdown occurs? We ship metals out the same day a request is made fully insured and discretely to your front door.

4. Are you charged additional fees when you sell your metals back? Will you be able to sell back your metals when the time comes? In our entire time of business we have never charged a client a fee for liquidating their metals and more importantly have never refused to buy back a clients metals.

5. Are you paying any dues for the first year on your gold IRA? Since we started in the business we have waived all first year dues for the client.

These are just a few of the things you must know before investing in gold and selecting a gold IRA company to work with (there are many, many more).

While gold firms go out of business each and every year in the United States (leaving their customers hanging in the balance), we’ve been here for over a decade, and we’re proud of that.