Turkey Critical to Watch for Upcoming Global Trouble

Turkey has become the centerpiece or neighbor of many of the crisis spots presently rocking the world.

It is at the heart of the developing world economy, a G20 member, an important component of NATO, a critical part in the war against ISIS, an irreplaceable partner in controlling the migration crisis into Europe, and a key player in the revived cold war with Russia.

It is safe to say that there could not be another single country in the world with more potential for kick starting a world wide economic meltdown than Turkey today.

The Failed Coup is Cause for Concern

There are a number of reasons why you should be concerned about destabilization in Turkey. First consider what just went down there. The failed military coup of a week ago did not get the media coverage it deserved.

This was no mere handful of disgruntled military officers and their battalions attempting to change the regime by force. The resulting crackdown has detained or arrested tens of thousands of individuals so far.

You have not seen the detentions limited to military personnel either. Civil servants, teachers, journalists, religious leaders, and other have all been targeted for sharing the sympathies of the coup plotters.

Turkey Is the Key on Many Critical Global Issues

The stability of Turkey is critical to the world for a number of reasons. You may not be aware of Turkey’s economic importance to the world economy and the global markets. The country represents the 17th largest economy on earth.

It is one of the leading developing market economies in the world. The nation is also one of only a handful of net exporters of food, a critical issue in a region that imports much of its food stocks.

Turkey is an important constituent of the G20. When the coup occurred, developing market currencies and stock markets all took significant hits.

A developing markets crisis sooner or later comes back to haunt the economies of the developed world and the stock markets and personal investments of people like you living in the G7 nations.

Turkey is also a critical member of NATO and a lynchpin in the campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. They may not have any forces directly committed to the ongoing war against the mother of all terrorist organizations. They are letting the U.S.-led coalition utilize their massive air force base in Incirlik near the Syrian border.

Turkey is also the central player in determining how out of control the migration crisis to Europe becomes. Nearly all of the migrants utilizing the Greek Islands route into Central and Eastern Europe (over a million last year alone) start their migrant journeys in and cross through the territory of Turkey.

If they are unable or unwilling to cooperate in restricting the flow of these hapless souls trying to get into the European borders, then the European Union itself could be overwhelmed.

The EU project itself would be doomed if the over 2 million refugees currently living in Turkey decided en masse to make a go for Europe.

Probably the most serious consequence of this recent failed coup in Turkey revolves around the impact it has already had on Russian and Turkish relations. Somehow the plot has pushed Turkey deep into the affections and admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The two countries that only a year ago were hardly speaking have suddenly become seemingly the best of friends.

In the new cold war that has been brewing between Russia and the West since they invaded the territory of the Ukraine, Turkey’s cooperation is crucial.

The Stability of Turkey Impacts Your Financial Stability

For all of these reasons, you should keep a sharp eye on the conditions in Turkey.

Any one of these issues has the potential to threaten the stability of the entire world order, the global economy, and worldwide as well as U.S. financial markets like the ones in which you are invested presently.

If you have not invested some of your assets into safe haven gold yet, now is the time to move a portion of them into the time tested metal. Do not delay with so much on the line in increasingly unstable Turkey.

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