Recently, we explained how market manipulation on the part of governments and central banks is keeping gold prices artificially low.

That means that at current prices, gold is undervalued, making now an excellent buying opportunity for investors who are looking to buy precious metals to protect their retirement savings.

History clearly shows us that in times of financial collapse, volatility or geopolitical instability, gold maintains its value or even rises in price as investors flee paper assets in search of a safe haven. Massive levels of government debt, round after round of quantitative easing, a stock market bubble that’s due to crash any day, and worldwide economic and political turmoil from Greece to the Middle East means the next major economic shock is just around the corner. When it hits, investors will realize the true value of gold as the only true currency and safe store of wealth.

Do you want to wait and buy then, when everyone else is scrambling to secure gold and protect their savings, driving prices sky-high? Or would you rather plan for the worst now, buying gold at bargain prices while everyone else is caught up in the latest stock market madness?

Gold prices are like a train about to start moving – and you want to be seated and ready to go before it takes off.

Gold Investment is the alternative currency that can safeguard you from these types of events. Putting a portion of your savings into this precious metal will help protect you. Download your free self directed IRA rollover gold IRA information kit today.