Did you know the government has effectively printed an extra $3.5 TRILLION since the financial crisis by using a controversial, untested monetary policy?

It’s called ‘quantitative easing’, and allows the Fed to basically print money by expanding their balance sheets. Since 2008, the desperate Federal Reserve has bought trillions in unstable mortgages, securities and bonds in an attempt to keep banks solvent and lending. In effect, the Federal Reserved printed trillions of dollars out of thin air, expanding the value of their balance sheet by $3.5 trillion, in three rounds of quantitative easing. This will have grave consequences on the dollar and on your retirement accounts.

Quantitative easing was the largest financial stimulus the world has ever seen. Economists and common sense tell us these policies will dilute the value of the dollar, ushering in years of high inflation that will eat away at the value of savings. What other outcome can there be, when the government basically conjures up money as if by magic, and then pumps it into the economy?

Think of it like this: money is like soup. If you have a bowl of soup, and you dilute it with more and more water, pretty soon you won’t have soup anymore. That’s what printing trillions does to our dollar.

Now, we’re facing hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar – two prospects that should strike fear into the heart of any retiree. This out-of-control money printing will have devastating consequences on the purchasing power of your retirement accounts.

Desperate governments can print all the money they want, but they can’t print more gold. Believe me, they would if they could – and even then it wouldn’t be worth much, just like our dollar. That’s why smart investors looking to hedge against years of money printing are turning to gold and silver IRAs to protect the purchasing power of their hard-earned savings.

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