As you’re considering opening a gold or silver IRA, you’re probably thinking about talking to your financial adviser. That’s only natural. But I can tell you right now what your financial adviser will say: don’t buy gold. This, despite its proven history as a safe haven that insures and diversifies your retirement savings against the next financial crisis.

So, why do they do it?  Because financial advisers only deal with paper assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It’ what they’ve studied, it’s what they’re familiar with, and those are the products they sell.  Financial advisers, even the best ones, just are not trained in physical gold and silver. It’s like if you walked into a Honda dealership and asked them to advise you on buying a Toyota.  It’s just not what they do.

Another reason? When you buy gold or silver, you’re moving money away from your financial advisor’s management, eating into the fees and commissions they make when you invest in their stocks and bonds. Most financial advisers are store-fronts for large banks and financial institutions. Advisers who charge a fee instead of earning a sales commission are typically more objective,they generally will only handle paper investments that are bought and sold on the volatile markets.

Even your most-trusted financial adviser – someone who may be an expert when you’re looking to invest in stocks and bonds — will be almost completely useless when it comes to giving realistic, qualified advice on buying gold and silver. Many have not studied the benefits of holding precious metals long-term, and have no experience in this type of investment. They’d rather you stick to what they know. Unfortunately, that’s not always in your best interest.

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